Advancements for Commercial Cultivators - Remote Power Server Technology

TSRgrow has established their Remote Power Server Technology as the “go to solution”  designed for large cultivation sites. Installed in hundreds of thousands of square feet of canopy, the proof is in the operational and performance benefits to operations.  TGHV remote power servers centralize all power and control and remove all local power supplies and ballasts from TSRgrow advanced vertical racking, and single level LED lighting fixtures.


The Benefits of TGHV Remote Power Server Technology are Graphic:

  • Remote-Power-Servers-TSRgrowThe number of installed fixtures needed can be reduced by up to 30%, with industry leading TSRgrow high efficiency LED lighting

  • Installation is simplified and their costs can be reduced by 10-15% by eliminating the need for all contactors and relays and  two wire dimming circuits to each fixture

  • Removing the local power supply from the grow rooms reduces the heat load in the room, reducing HVACD equipment CAPx as well as long term operating costs

  • Maintenance and serviceability is simplified through plug’n-play slide out modules that are conveniently located outside the grow area, in enclosures, accessible to operation and maintenance personnel.  No more climbing over the canopy to change ballasts mid-grow

  • Centralized controls and integrated software offer unmatched diagnostics in determining operating parameters of each fixture

  • Integrated software offers unlimited light zone, area and power mapping for precision control.  Built-in access to power usage, zone mapping and trending provides  precise control to accommodate the needs of all strains and crop stages in a harvest for increased yields and performance of every harvest 

  • Compatible with direct feed 480V 3-phase supply,  power can be directly supplied to the Remote Power Servers without the need for step down transformers.  In Canada, 600VAC 3 phase power can be accommodated 

  • TGHV remote power servers can be powered by regulated DC Voltage - making it possible for Solar and battery storage systems to directly power the remote power servers - a unique opportunity for sustainable power for growing
  • Compatible with 3rd party control software through 0-10V control

  • The TSRgrow Remote Power Servers are accessible on-site and remotely with tablets, phones, and computers keeping cultivators in the KNOW at all times. 

  • Fully secured and accessible for management production information, operation scheduling and current state of activity, and service and support information to prevent outage and allowing scheduled maintenance are just the start of staying in the KNOW
The TSRgrow remote power server technology delivers superior performance in lighting, power, data, and growth. Interested in learning about how TSRgrow solutions can be tailored for optimal productivity in your growing environment? Contact our growing specialists today.


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