Industry Insiders Share Their Key Components for a Profitable and Efficient Grow

While the market for high-quality cannabis production has been expanding rapidly, the outlook for future demand appears even brighter. Across the nation, many states have passed legislation to permit the product’s use for medical and/or recreational reasons, with five more added during the recent November 2020 election.

Cannabis Under LED LightsExisting growers are expanding their operations to meet the growing demand, while prospective entrepreneurs are researching the opportunity to enter this vital time in this industry.

Learn From the Cannabis Grow Experts: Join us at MJBizCon for Our Virtual Presentation

Whether you are an experienced, successful grower or only beginning the process, it’s imperative to learn all you can from industry experts who understand how to make the cannabis horticultural process profitable. This year, one of the industry’s most important venues to learn from industry professionals will be during MJBizCon, a virtual event this year. You won’t want to miss this December 4th MJBizCon Virtual Presentation, “Industry Insiders Share Key Components for a Profitable & Efficient Grow,” presented by TSRgrow and JPT Healthcare Architects, at 2:30 PM EST / 11:30 AM PST.

This year’s MJBizCon program follows last year’s highly successful gathering in Las Vegas and builds upon one of the strongest events for all aspects of the Cannabis industry.

Who Are the MJBizCon Presenters?

TSRgrow™ of Warwick RI and JPT Healthcare Architects of Johnstown PA will be conducting the MJBizCon discussion and presentation. Both companies are principal providers to the cannabis growing industry.

TSRgrow is a principal manufacturer and supplier of fully integrated LED lighting, environmental monitoring and power management systems for indoor cultivation. The company’s TOTALgrow Solution™ offers a holistic approach to controlling the optimal indoor environment with continual data management for successful growing operations. Featuring remote power servers, lighting becomes a platform for centralized monitoring, management and integration within the operation.

JPT Healthcare Architects provides state-of-the-art design, integrated architecture, and advanced engineering for facilities in all areas of healthcare. The JPT portfolio includes architectural designs for indoor facilities that primarily grow cannabis and operate facilities for medical purposes. Having created many types of cannabis cultivation and manufacturing facilities and dispensaries, JPT Healthcare Architects are leading-edge designers in the industry.

The discussion leaders will be:

Mikhail Sagal, President and Co-Founder, TSRgrow
Gary Arnold, VP Sales & Marketing and Co-Founder, TSRgrow
Brent Spangler, Senior Electrical Designer, JPT Healthcare Architects

Discussing the Essential Components of Cannabis Growing

Whether you are an experienced grower looking to expand operations or are just starting, this MJBizCon Presentation offers essential insights into your development decisions.

Learning the keys to be successful is an essential lesson for growers. Our experts will provide information about successful grow operations and answer questions regarding:

  • Integrated Designs
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Production Planning
  • Facility Design
  • Environment Control
  • Power Management
  • Integrated Lighting Technology

Join this intimate virtual presentation that will address all elements of cannabis growing to gain insight from real industry professionals with many years of combined professional experience in the Cannabis industry. This 2020 MJBizCon Presentation will give you the insights needed to move to the next level.  Sign up at MJBizCon!

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