Essential Components of a Successful Grow Operation

Owners and managers of large scale outdoor farms, orchards, and vineyards rely mainly on Mother Nature to provide the necessary requirements to grow. In most instances, they supplement with additional nutrients and water, as needed. But these professionals can never control the weather or atmospheric conditions.

Growers who choose to grow vegetables, herbs, cannabis, and other products indoors have the distinct advantage of controlling all variables with a level of precision that is impossible with an outdoor operation.

Thus, well-managed indoor grow operations and greenhouses offer many advantages such as:  

  • Counter-seasonal or year-round growing
  • Protection from extreme weather conditions
  • Elimination of pests and mold
  • Security
  • Precisely controlled and monitored environment

Essential Components of a Healthy Indoor Grow Operation

Cannabis Indoor Grow OperationProperly managing the following essential inputs and conditions makes it possible to grow just about anything, anywhere, anytime.


Replicating the perfect growing environment that provides continual fresh, free-flowing air at the precise temperature and humidity for every stage of plant development is critical to success. Maintaining ideal climate control with ongoing air purification and ventilation, will help plants reach their maximum potential yield and quality.


Proper light and spectrum is essential for plant development. For an indoor grow operation, LED lighting offers the best energy efficiency while delivering full plant spectrums to ensure enough energy needed for optimized growth.  More advanced lighting can be programmed and scaled to illuminate zones or local areas to match the DLI (Daily Light Integral) requirements of each crop.


Pure, uncontaminated water is another essential component of the structure of most plants. Cannabis, for example, is 90% water, while the content of a mature tomato is 95%.

As a result, growers must ensure the water's pH level is near 6.5 and contains no harmful pollutants. Since the quality of some public water supplies can be variable, many growers prefer to filter or apply distilled water in their operations.

Sophisticated grow management solutions utilize sensors to monitor the soil moisture content to ensure plants receive just the right amounts of water. Moisture management is essential to cannabis plant health.


Every living thing requires the right type and quantity of nutrients to grow and survive. Most indoor grown plants receive their nutrients through "fertigation," delivering dissolved nutrients via irrigation. The plant absorbs the growth-enhancing nutrients and distributes these throughout the plant by osmosis, the diffusion of fluids through the plant's interior membranes.

Precision Monitoring and Control

Technology that oversees air and soil quality, moisture and nutrient levels, tunable power solutions, and full plant spectrum lighting helps take the guesswork out of your operation. Establishing the right control systems at the outset helps identify developing problems quickly while ensuring that each essential component is balanced. As a result, your grow operation will be more successful, consistent, and worry-free.

TSRgrow TOTALgrow Solution

Monitoring and maintaining the precise balance of essential components are vital in a successful indoor grow operation. Using sensor integration, TSRgrow offers a turnkey, automated control monitoring system that maintains the correct balance of essential components by letting you monitor and adapt growing variables onsite or from a remote location. The TOTALgrow Solution balances the following elements of a successful grow operation to generate exceptional yields while minimizing your operating costs:


TSRgrow offers LED lighting systems for greenhouse and indoor grow operations. Powered with remote power servers to minimize unwanted heat on the growing space, centralize maintenance and put growers in the know of every facet of their grow, owners can monitor and adjust the full spectrum lighting source from any location.


Growers benefit from plug-n-play installation, on-board diagnostics, and simple, localized maintenance with an integrated intelligent power management system. TSRgrow remote power servers allow you to split zones, monitor and schedule events, and even schedule specific operations in advance. All from one centralized location.


Maintaining and monitoring the ideal environment is critical for the success of your indoor grow operation. TOTALgrow Solution incorporates eco-friendly, energy-saving management and environmental control that monitors and helps maintain the precise humidity, CO2, VPD and temperatures levels for the highest yields. Properly managed, the system assures high-quality results.


At the heart of the TSRgrow Management System is the cloud-supported, centralized monitoring dashboard that controls and monitors all the critical components of lighting, power, and the environment.

TSRgrow Management Solutions are customizable and provide real-time analytics, alerts and notifications, scheduling, data logging, historical analyses, and individual zone control.

Let's Get Growing Together

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