Lighting as a Platform - a New Approach to Horticulture

TSRgrow Lighting as a Platform™ combines Remote Power Server Technology, high performance TSRgrow LED lighting, control and system software applications, and sensor feedback technology to maximize the photobiological efficiency of plants while cutting costs in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) facilities.

30 years ago, NASA researchers began studies on LED uses for plant growth. The goal was to prepare for the development of plant-based systems for moon and Mars bases. Although It's been eons since the last moon landing, the LED for plant cultivation industry thrived and is projected to reach $6 billion by 2025.


LED device advancements for horticultural lighting has turned the technology into the main component in controlled environment plant-growing. Energy efficiency, spectrum adaptability, and long lifespan are key driving factors for the increased adoption of LED lights in closed horticulture environments in the current times.

It is not a space race anymore. It is a race to feed the burgeoning global populations. Across the world, societies are grappling with resource availability, unfavorable climates, desertification, soil erosion, and other factors that plague agricultural productivity.

More cropland is diverted to mining, housing, and commercial activities. These are some of the push factors for sustainable means of food production. With the recent innovations for indoor horticulture, parameters such as light, temperature, and nutrients can be controlled and optimized for higher productivity.

Introducing New Levels of Efficiency and Control in CEA

Much of the horticultural LED lighting systems today are still based on old industry technologies. New advanced LED grow systems promise improved ability to reduce overall energy use, lower system installation and operating costs, and maximize plant productivity.

TSRgrow is at the forefront with its Lighting as a Platform (LaaP) agriculture innovation.

LaaP is a technologically integrated Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) facility lighting system. LaaP modernizes agriculture through remote LED light fixtures, data analysis, and real-time control and optimization of growth factors.

Lighting as a Platform presents solutions more environmentally friendly and economically favorable then traditional horticultural lighting technologies - optimizing growing conditions using data while requiring little human supervision.

Traditional Horticultural LED Technology

Excess heat: Traditional LED light fixtures in large scale CEA facilities feature on board ballasts or LED drivers that can get extremely hot and are the typical failure point of these fixtures. These light sources have low efficiencies when dimmed and high iTHD, making them less desirable in the current environment of high energy prices, competition, and environmental impact.

High installation costs: Traditional luminaries require significantly more installation labor in large scale commercial indoor growing environments. They also require the installation of additional dimming cables, drastically increasing installation costs.

Higher maintenance costs: Traditional on ballast fixtures require more maintenance. When a fixture stops working, one needs to climb above the canopy in the grow room to swap out a bad fixture or light to determine why it has failed, causing growing disruption and opportunities for contamination of crops

Manual control and monitoring: These systems are labor-intensive from installation to operation. The disjointed nature of lighting and other control systems impacts efficiency and productivity.

LaaP Combines Optimized LEDs, System Integration, and Data Analytics

Lihgting-as-a-PlatformLighting becomes more than just lights. This system delivers a complete growth management and monitoring solution as a single package. Combined with TOTALgrow Solution™ it is the first of its kind integrated software and lighting platform for all horticulture growing applications.

TSRgrow Lighting as a Platform™ is a comprehensive implementation of remote power servers. It is possible to install an extensive range of luminaries without local ballasts.

No cable clutter. The platform reduces fixture, labor, and maintenance costs while amplifying photobiological efficiency for the plants. A first of its kind, TSRgrow LED lighting delivers 1000W LED fixtures outputting over 2600 μmol/s of full-spectrum LED lighting, all powered from remote power servers.  

TOTALgrow Solution™ enables the creation of truly smart CEA facilities. All growing parameters are integrated into the system. With TSRgrow's centrally located Remote Power Server Technology, monitoring becomes automated and simplified.

Critical Advantages of TOTALgrow Solution™

  • LED light fixtures are powered and controlled from centrally located power servers
  • Luminaries can be monitored remotely without local ballasts
  • TSRgrow LED lighting fixtures emit less heat, saving energy and cooling costs
  • Built-in diagnostics ease maintenance and help to achieve optimal growing environments
  • An eco-conscious environmental management system that promotes crop health and minimizes resource wastage
  • Delivers comprehensive control data and real-time management reports

How it Works

Automation: LaaP is computer-based, allowing all lighting to be remote-controlled monitored, further integrating irrigation, nutrient, air movement, and microclimates. Everything can be wirelessly monitored with supervisory control through the Remote Power Server Growers Predictive Dashboards.

Efficiency: LaaP reduces energy usage while maximizing light emission. It is economically and sustainably a better solution.

Simplicity: CEA farmers can achieve uniform canopy coverage and 0-100% dimming through the power cable. There are no additional dimming cables, installation is a breeze, and the Remote Power Servers can be powered from the grid, DC storage, or Cogen. The need for lighting panels, contactors, and extra transformers is eliminated.

Analytics: The LaaP system is integrated with sensors and data analytics. Farmers can expect actionable real-time intelligence on light, temperature, humidity levels, CO2, pressure, PH, and other growing parameters. TSRgrow Lighting as a Platform with remote power servers is a reliable vehicle for optimal performance, fine-grained control, and cost reduction in controlled environment horticulture facilities.

TOTALgrow Solution™ is the solution of choice for farmers looking to leverage LaaP for increased productivity in closed environment horticulture. If you are interested in learning how LaaP can take your grow to the next level, contact TSRgrow today. We would be happy to explain how LaaP can help your crops thrive. Visit us online at US

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