Cannabis Facility Design for Long-Term Scalability

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As the legalization and practical uses of cannabis expand globally, the demand for high-quality medical and recreational cannabis related products is increasing rapidly. As a result the sophistication required to produce the best, safest, and most competitive and profitable products is evolving.

Whether retrofitting an existing facility or building a new commercial operation for cannabis cultivation, incorporating the essential components of a successful grow and making informed decisions in your design will substantially enhance your grow operation's success.


Selecting the right site for your indoor cannabis cultivation operation is vital. Cheapest is not always the best, particularly if:

  • you will have insufficient availability, supply or excessive costs in power, water, labor, supplies, and waste disposal.
  • the location is so far from your target market that you incur substantial additional transport costs.
  • qualified workers are not available.
  • there is a chance you might face local resistance or legal issues.
  • the site restricts expansion to accommodate your future success.

Designing Your Contained Grow Facility

Designing-Your-Indoor-Cannabis-FacilityA grow facility should be designed as a food-safe production facility. Products are for human consumption, and one must be able to ensure a clean, sanitary end-product, free of pests and contamination and mold.

Furthermore, an enclosed cannabis cultivation area will require managed CO2 levels, humidity, moisture, and other essential elements of the inside growing environment. Properly managed this will result in higher yields and consistent year round quality.

A sealed environment must eliminate doors or windows that open directly into the growing space from the outside. Air curtains at entry points will help to deflect insects and other airborne influences like odors, smoke, and other contaminants that can destroy a harvest.

Controlling the Environment

An improperly balanced atmosphere within an indoor grow operation can be a recipe for disaster and financial loss. Successful cannabis cultivation demands specific humidity, light, water, and CO2 levels to eliminate potential toxic molds and insect infestation while achieving higher yields.

Important control factors that are manageable within a sealed cannabis cultivation environment include:


Generally, growers will try to maintain their grow room temperature for cannabis cultivation between 70ºF and 80ºF. Variances from these levels can negatively affect crop quality and yield.


Lower humidity levels limit the risk of mold and fungus development that often become problematic when outdoors at higher humidity levels.

Lighting :

Proper lighting, along with water and carbon dioxide, is critical for cannabis cultivation. Light is a crucial element necessary for photosynthesis, the plant's potential to develop and mature. As a photoperiodic plant, cannabis will flower only after it receives a specific amount and type of light mixed with alternating darkness. Rates of photosynthesis vary depending on the light they receive. TSRgrow offers state of the art LED Lighting systems that deliver the highest PPF output fixtures on the market today and are managed by its state-of-the-art remote power lighting platform.


Too much or too little water and nutrients will stunt the growth of the plants. Maintaining and monitoring moisture levels throughout the growing cycle is essential.


In addition to water and light, photosynthesis in your cannabis cultivation demands the presence of CO2. Enhanced levels, properly managed with increased lighting levels and nutrient dosage, can increase the plant's growth rate by 30%, which will naturally increase yield. Faster development due to higher CO2 levels may allow the growth of an additional crop each year without increasing facility size.

Data Management:

Managing indoor cannabis cultivation demands sophisticated control systems that continually monitor, administer, and record the environment and all inputs to sustain successful growth. TSRGrow offers cloud-based sensor capability to help you monitor developments in real-time from anywhere.

Take Control with TSRGrow's TOTALgrow Solution

TSRGrow is a Rhode Island-based biotechnical company specializing in equipment and monitoring systems to optimize indoor cannabis cultivation. Their systems provide integrated lighting control, energy efficiency, and environmental monitoring using high-accuracy sensors. Data and control is easily accessible in real-time, both locally and through remote access applications.

For more information about the TOTALgrow Solution for cannabis cultivation, visit TSRGrow's website today. Their growing specialists are available to answer all of your questions and help you with your facility design concerns.

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