Top Benefits of Advanced LED Lighting Solutions

LED horticultural lighting has made big strides, but this technology can still suffer from some of the same frustrations as HPS models. For example, integrating into the greater environment monitoring and control, the absence of any strain-specific control and lacking data collection, and excessive heat due to local ballasts are all still common concerns in old school LED technology.

Maybe it's time to address these issues through true innovation in grow room technology. First, lighting needs to integrate into greater environmental controls. It needs integrated controls to enable dimming and control to the strain being grown under it. And finally, it has to address the heat and maintenance concerns the local ballasts still produce.

Enter the advanced LED lighting system developed by TSRgrow. Because it's about time grow room lighting delivered game changing solutions.

What Differentiates an Advanced LED Lighting System from the Status Quo?

Standard LED grow lights consume less energy than the more traditional HPS lighting, but like the HPS being replaced, they come with local drivers on them and control is limited to running dimming wires to each fixture to control its brightness. These all require third party analog dimming controllers that are not connected to building BMS systems nor do they collect any data or provide analytics.

An advanced solution, like TSRgrow's LED System, offers cutting-edge technology that strives to solve many of the long-standing frustrations growers have with indoor cultivation and the necessary lighting fixtures.


TSRgrow's LED Grow Lights and GROWHub software promise to address the ongoing challenges cultivators have with heat, energy bills, environmental management, and multi-strain production in a large commercial space. 

The difference between standard LED grow lights now often being installed across North America's cannabis facilities and TSRgrow’s advanced LED lighting solutions boil down to the features and integrations each offers. 

Does your lighting system offer any of the following?

  • Plug-n’-Play Technology
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Remote Power Servers
  • Integration to CO2, Air Circulation, and Nutrient Systems
  • Integrated Strain-Specific Zone Control

The Benefits of an Advanced LED Lighting System

By now, you're already well aware of the comparisons between HPS vs. LED grow lights. LED technology promises significantly less heat, 30-40 percent less energy consumption, and a substantially longer usable lifespan.

But what if your investment in LED horticultural lighting could do much more than just the status quo? Advanced lighting solutions that combine hardware with software offer cutting-edge cultivation technologies that don't just provide energy savings but produce better yields, potency, and profits.

Plug’ n Play Technology

TSRgrow's fixtures save money, starting at the installation. Thanks to plug’ n play technology, you no longer need to connect each figure to dual dimming wires spiderwebbed throughout the grow space.

Instead, they've completely removed the power ballast from the fixture. Each fixture gets daisy-chained together with quick disconnect cables, and the ballast lives centrally outside the grow room within a secure remote power server room. 

Changing a power module no longer means working above the living plant canopy, fumbling around with the ballast. Instead, head to the server room to slide out the power module and replace it with a new one.

Plug’ n play translates into straightforward installation and easy ongoing maintenance. 

Environmental Monitoring

Your yield and crop quality are only as good as your grow room data. The environmental parameters, which were once logged manually, are now automatically and systematically collected, stored, and analyzed — from a remotely accessible dashboard.

The TSRgrow TOTALgrow Solution is a grow room-wide system of sensors and wireless communications, which constantly pull data from the environment. This includes dew point, temperature, irrigation, nutrients, CO2, and more.

The dashboard, available on your phone, tablet, or desktop, provides environmental statistics for all zones, including notifications for any preset alerts. Expect real-time data and impressive crop analytics. 

Remote Power Server

LED-Grow-Lights---Remote-PowerAll LED lighting technology reduce the heat produced by lighting in the grow room compared to HPS. However, traditional LED lighting still has on board drivers/ballasts that not only generate a lot of additional heat in the room, but are also a significant point of failure for fixtures. Imagine a fixture with two or more local drivers that could fail! Add on top of that the limitations of controlling each one to turn on or off or dim - and forget about collecting any data or intelligence. 

This extra driver heat adds up in a room crammed with hundreds of lights, which ends up putting excessive strain on your HVAC system and your plants. Add in the hassle and costs of control and quickly these do not make sense. A remote power server located in an entirely separate room from your plants, with integrated controls, while removing significant heat from the grow room and centrally locating all maintenance-makes complete sense! So why hasn't the industry adopted this yet?

TSRgrow is one of the only lighting companies to develop remote power server technology. All their advanced LED lighting solutions are powered from modules that live in a separate server room — no excessive heat, reduced HVAC pressure, integrated controls, centralized maintenance, and overall much happier plants.

Integration to CO2, Air Circulation, and Nutrient Systems

One of the most common frustrations cannabis facilities encounter during the build-out or retrofit is connecting many incompatible environmental systems together. 

All environmental inputs, like CO2, air conditioning/heating, lighting, and fertigation systems, play off of one another. Air flow and micro-climates abound. Different strains need different parameters. For example, grow lights, when on a single dimming circuit in the room, can not be adjusted to the climates or needs of various strains being grown - but with strain specific control software, fluctuations can be monitored and applied through the light control to positively impact the growth of your plants.

TSRgrow's GROWHub software ensures that all sensors are integrated into a single management platform. As the environment fluctuates, GROWHub's grow room integrations automatically adjust. The dashboard provides cultivators complete control over the minutiae of the grow room environment.

Strain-Specific Zone Control

Most commercial cannabis cultivators run rooms with multiple strains at once. Unfortunately, standard LED lights don't allow you to adjust from one bench to the next, even if each strain requires slightly different settings.

GROWHub ensures growers have infinite zone control over the entire room. It's now possible to ensure every single strain achieves its genetic potential by delivering its specific lighting needs, from intensity to spectrum.

By enabling infinite zone control, GROWHub enables growers to quickly cultivate multiple strains alongside one another without any physical barrier. Instead, each strain receives its preferred and most productive light settings, including intensity and spectrum. 

These settings can then be saved for easy replication at a later date. Best of all, plug' n play LED grow lights make installation and maintenance a breeze, removing dimming wires, contactors, and relays from the equation entirely.

Do Your LED Horticultural Lights Deliver?

As the cannabis sector races towards widespread adoption of LED lighting technology, many growers have painfully discovered that not all LED grow lights are cut from the same cloth. With the increasing competition within mature markets, every investment into infrastructure has to offer real return on investment.

In an industry where few brands deliver on their own promises, TSRgrow's TOTALgrow Solution stands out. They are not only providing energy-efficient, full-spectrum LED fixtures, but also addressing the industry-wide frustrations.

From precision zone control to environmental monitoring to remote power servers — TSRgrow lights deliver. 

Contact TSRgrow today to see how the TOTALgrow Solution can help with your cultivation facility. You will be glad you did.


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